Why winter tyres outperform all other tyres in wintertime

The best tyres during the winter is of course winter tyres. Winter tyres are especially designed to handle winter conditions with snow, ice and slush. Slush being the wet snow that occurs when the snow melts or when it rains on snow, creating a very challenging condition to drive in and where the tyres will need to clear this slush from the road surface. If the tyres fail to clear away the slush, they will lose contact with the road and plane on top of the slush layer. This cause the driver to lose control over the vehicle and can easily cause an accident.

During the winter you can also use winter approved all-weather tyres, that can also handle slushplaning quite good and also winter conditions as they are approved for this, but when it comes to severe winter conditions, the dedicated winter tyres are always the best option for performance and safety. Winter tyres exist both as studded and non-studded tyres, where they both are excellent choices for driving in severe winter conditions. The studded tyres uses metal studs to create grip on ice and uses the specially designed tread to create grip on snow. The non-studded tyres uses innovative sipe design in the tread and the addition of cryo crystals in the tread to create grip on ice and also uses the same tread design for grip on snow.

There are many good quality winter tyres on the market like the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9, which are high-end tyres and are test winner in motor magazines around the world and is suited for drivers not wanting to compromise on winter safety. It allows for firm grip under all winter conditions, along with ultimate handling. These studded tyres are a good example of a dedicated winter tyre that offer excellent grip on icy and snowy roads as well as on wet roads.

These tyres make use of the new eco-stud cushion that are made to reduce both road wear and noise. They have also added a patented double stud technology with different studs in the middle as on the sides. In addition, this version has additional tread blocks to allow for even greater grip and the combination of the anchor stud, flange design, and the Eco Stud cushion ensures superior grip and soft stud contact on all driving surfaces.

The Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 are designed with the most cutting-edge technologies such as “Brake boosters” which is an innovation that was developed on the rear edges of the tread blocks on the edges of the tyre in order to provide additional safety in demanding weather. This along with other innovations makes this tyre one of the most advanced and safest tyre on the market for the severe winters. Make sure that you have them mounted before the first snow hits and make sure that you switch back to summer tyres once the winter has passed. Also remember that studded tyres are not for every place and that they are banned in some countries.

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