Lousy weather is a normal thing that each encounter. Thunderstorms happen because of evaporation. The water coming from the ocean vanish into the atmosphere and becomes one of the water vapor molecules. These molecules will form a massive cloud that will then burst rainfall down the Earth. The same cycle will continue to repeat as the Earth remains to rotate in the Solar System.

However, as overpopulation persists, the global warming occurring within the Earth is becoming worse. As more people add up, more fossil fuels will burn to create coal, gasoline, and oil since these materials are what people need to cook food and for transportation.

Transportation is significant in the era of the 20th century. It is essential because communication, trade, and any other exchange between people are much more comfortable than before. Conveyance establishes and develops civilizations. Without culture, achieving cooperation and fraternity among people between nations will be difficult.

Freight can also be a helpful method of evacuating when there is an incoming natural disaster. Calamities are complicated to escape from; that is why vehicles are significant in times of this. Nevertheless, it can be hazardous to drive outside when there is a catastrophe. Fallen trees, flash floods, landslides, fog, heavy rain, thunder, and slippery roads are the common causes of car accidents. These nuisances that people are trying to avoid can be laborious.

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