Make sure that you get the correct dimensions on for your SUV summer tyres

When you are purchasing new SUV summer tyres, there are a few things to make sure that you get correct. One is to make sure that you are buying the correct dimension, the other is to get good quality and the third the right tyres for the weather and driving conditions so that you have summer tyres for off-road if needed.

There are many dimensions for SUVs, and the first to look for is the width, where tyres start with 175 for passenger cars up to 275 for SUVs, vans and light trucks. Once you know the tyre’s width, you will need to see the height ratio, height divided by the width in percentage. If you have a ratio of 50, it means that the height is 50% or half of the width. The width and the final measurement of rim diameter are vital that they are correct. If you select the wrong dimension or rim size, you will impact critical instruments like the odometer and speedometer. If you get the width wrong and choose tyres that aren’t wide enough, the tyres will have to take up a larger load per area. The tyres, therefore, need a higher load index to be able to handle the higher load. In addition to the load index of tyres, you also have a speed rating.

Tyres also have different markings if they are to be used on and off-road, often referred to as all-terrain tyres or then pure terrain or heavy-duty tyres. If you have pure road tyres, you should refrain from driving in rough terrain even though they are SUV tyres. Newer SUV tyres are often reinforced with aramid, which is the same technology used in bulletproof vests, to ensure that they can better handle off-road impacts, especially from side-impact from sharp rocks, stones or other sharp objects.

For summer tyres, you should be looking for 225/65R17 summer tyres that you combine with 225/65R17 winter tyres for the winter season. Even an SUV with larger and more rugged tyres will need to have specific tyres approved for winter use, as the rubber compound is tailored for the low temperatures and will prevent the tyres from becoming hard and losing their ability to create grip.

You can take help from the EU tyre label when you select SUV summer tyres and SUV tyre tests performed by various motor magazines to find the best match for your vehicle and the driving conditions you are looking for. For the tests performed in the motor magazines tests, you should preferably dissect the test results to look at each test to identify which tests are more applicable to you and your driving conditions. The internet is also a great place to search for tyre-related information. Performing a search for the tyre dimension you are looking for should yield some excellent and valuable results. Make then sure to always drive with the correct tyre pressure and change the tyres to new ones once they are worn out.

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