All-season tyres for hybrid or electric SUV

When you are looking to purchase a set of SUV all-season tyres for an electric SUV or hybrid, certain things are considered. One important factor to consider is the type of winters weather in the area where you live. There are also specific differences unique to an electric SUV or hybrid. The main difference is the vehicle’s weight, being heavier due to the battery packs and the SUV size, therefore needing extra braking distance, so grip and traction is an important feature required for a tyre. Many all-season tyres are suitable for hybrid or electrical SUVs on the market, like the Nokian Weatherproof and Season proof tyres, which is a high performing tyre, tough enough for all seasons.

The great advantage of an all-season tyres compared to the summer tyres is that they have the “Three peak mountain snowflake” symbol, indicating that they can also be used in winter conditions. This is especially important for electric SUVs and hybrids, which need good traction for proper braking and emphasizes a good quality all-season tyre that excels in grip and traction on snow and ice. This is the same symbol that winter tyres have. So they can safely be used both during the summer and the winter season.

Both the Nokian Weatherproof and the Nokian Seasonproof are approved for electric vehicles that combine uncompromising performance, excellent grip through all seasons while allowing reliable handling no matter what the forecast. It steers well both on asphalt and snowy and wet ground, with predictable grip all year round. It is designed with many innovations like adding their “Aramid Sidewall Technology”, which is the same material used in bulletproof vests. Having aramid-reinforced sidewalls improves durability and protects the tyres against cuts and damages from curbs while parking.  The addition of “Centipede Siping” allows maximum contact with the road to increase grip on snow and slush and prevent slushplaning. They use a dual performing rubber compound, with its new “SUV high-performance resin” to allow for a balanced combination of summer and winter properties so that you can use them all year round.

When choosing an all-season tyre for an electric or hybrid SUV, you should know the differences between a traditional SUV and an electric SUV or hybrid. It is also essential to consider what kind of driving you will be doing and what type of weather conditions you will encounter in the area where you live. You should know that nothing outperforms the dedicated SUV winter tyres in severe winter conditions. The all-season tyres are better in areas where you have unpredictable weather, and using winter tyres might not be the best solution as you don’t have a distinctly long and harsh winter. Using an all-season tyre, you can eliminate the need for storing a set of winter tyres in the garage, as these tyres allow for the use of only one set for the whole year.

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