Use all-weather tyres if you don’ use winter tyres but still experience some snow

There are numerous good reasons why European countries should use all-season tyres if they don’t use winter tyres, but they will still have occasional snowfall and winter weather. For areas that have real occurring winters, the use of winter tyres makes sense. However, for many countries, this isn’t the best tyre option.

Here are some excellent use cases for when you should use all-season tyres:

  • If you live in areas where winters conditions are not very common, they do happen, and when it does, there is a lot of chaos. Here the all-season tyres will provide you with safe driving even if you suddenly have winter conditions.
  • If neither the summers nor the winters are very significant, then an all-season tyre is a great tyre to get you through any type of weather conditions. These are the perfect conditions for an all-season tyre as you are anyways in-between the best conditions for summer tyres and winter tyres.
  • If you need to use your car every day and can’t afford to be caught by surprise by the weather. Even if you change between summer tyres and winter tyres, then you might still end up having changed tyres too early or too late, making driving dangerous and impossible.
  • When you travel a lot and drive between areas where the legislation for tyres might be different, with a winter approved all-season tyre, you can’t go wrong, as they will be legal for use for both summer and winter driving
  • When you and your family’s safety matter, you know it is dangerous to drive with tyres that aren’t approved for winter use.

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