Synthetic Grass Vs. Natural Grass

artificial grass

As a homeowner, you would want an environment-friendly surface in your backyard. Compared to hard surfaces like concrete, asphalt, and wood, law grass helps clean the air, reduce erosion from stormwater runoff, decrease noise pollution, trap carbon dioxide, and lessen temperatures. Some people plant their lawn grass by themselves, and others want to buy artificial grass for their lawn. With that, there are different perspectives on whether to grow natural lawn grass or install synthetic one.

Both may have differences, but there are instances that artificial grass can do everything like natural grass, and it has a lot of benefits compared to natural grass. In this article, you will see the comparison between natural grass and a synthetic one.

Total Cost of Ownership

If you prefer to have natural grass, you can plant seeds or, at much greater cost, lay sod. After growing a natural grass, the expenses keep going for the maintenance – equipment and supplies to mow, trim, weed, re-seed, and feed.

When you choose to install artificial grass, it may cost a bit more than a seeded lawn. However, talking about maintenance, there is little to no maintenance expense over the life of synthetic grass.

Care Requirement

The level of care is one of the differences between artificial grass and natural grass. Natural grass requires several hours of work every week to maintain its beautiful view of your lawn.

On the other hand, artificial turf has only minimal maintenance. You only need to brush off the synthetic grass to remove fallen leaves or other organic clutter that lands on the lawn. Artificial lawns only need to rinse occasionally to remove the dust and potential odors.

As you can see, natural lawns may not cost that much, but the amount cost for the maintenance is more than how much you paid for the seeds. Artificial grass may cost more than growing natural ones. The care requirement does not cost too much because you will not need to work for several hours to maintain its beautiful view on your lawn.

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