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Biometric Technology: a brief history (Infographic)

It is generally accepted that biometric technologies are used to identify individuals based on some aspect of their biological composition. Among the oldest and most innovative biometric technologies, fingerprint recognition has been categorized unofficially as a subfield of digital forensics. It is one of the most widely used and most inventive biometric technologies today. With regard to the use of data acquired by video surveillance cameras in cities, the use of data captured by these cameras has been the subject of several privacy and human rights issue storms in recent years.


The technique is straightforward in its functioning. The images captured by closed-circuit television cameras installed on city streets, public areas, and office buildings are processed by sophisticated algorithms, which compare the images to a database of images of prospective “villains” or “targets” to determine whether they are the same or different from one another. Following a match, there will be enhanced surveillance and the potential of future and further action being taken. In order for the system to be as effective as possible, the matching database should be as big and comprehensive as is reasonably practicable. It should come as no surprise that, in order to compile such a database, security services never consult with or seek permission from the individuals whose information is being stored in their data storage facilities.


In order to take payments and comply with this standards, you must integrate extra authentication into your checkout procedure. Having a digital signature authentication is a requirement in several countries to reduce fraud and increase the security of online and contactless offline payments in particular. As a result, it guarantees that all payments are made with appropriate identity or verification. This reduces the likelihood of online fraud, which is particularly important for big payments. Furthermore, consumers will be informed and advised about the new method by their financial institutions or payment service providers.


To know more about biometric technology and passwordless authentication, below is an infographic from LOGIN ID that shows a brief history:

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