Things You Need to Know About Pearls

For centuries, pearl jewellery has been a popular choice for accessories. Pearls have always been regarded as classic and temporary, but this gemstone mainly stands out for its source. This is because instead of forming from the depths of the earth, pearls come from the sea.

Freshwater mussels and marine oysters make pearls a natural defence against irritants such as parasites from entering their shells or damaging their delicate bodies. As these irritants enter, oysters or mussels would slowly release layers of conchiolin and aragonite, which are materials that also make up the shell. This creates a nacre, which encases the irritant and protects the mollusc from it.

Most pearls on the market today are cultured with human intervention. It is produced by manually inserting an irritant into a mollusc to increase its production of nacre. Since nacre can form around almost any irritant that reaches the inside of the shell, this method can create just as many unique and precious pearls and give buyers a wealth of options.

Now, it’s relatively easy to find the right look for you. While white pearls remain a classic, a myriad of colours is available to change your style. For instance, black or dark shades of grey, blues, and greens can give you an exotic look that especially suits those with darker skin tones. Meanwhile, pink, peach, and lavender tones can create a look from fun and flirty to sophisticated, depending on the outfit.

If you can’t find the perfect pearl jewellery in stores, you can get a personalised jewellery UK. There are thousands of pearls available to suit your taste and any budget. As long as they are worn with confidence, pearl jewellery can bring your outfit together.

Of course, it is also essential to know all the valuable information about pearls before buying one for you or your loved one. Pay close attention to this infographic by Charming Jewellery Store to learn everything you need about pearls.

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