Intensive research and development help to improve car tires

studded tires

Intensive research and development help everyone to ensure that cars are safer as they drive on our roads. The cheaper tires will eventually mimic a lot of the improvements achieved through the extensive research and development that the top tier tire developers undertake, combined with the fact that they do continuous testing. It is through this continuous testing and constant improvements that they are able to develop an ever-improving product. Tires have gotten a lot safer through the last decades, and it wouldn’t be possible without the extensive work done by the big companies.

If you want to ensure that you are at the forefront of the best and safest tires, you will need to get tires from companies that undertake the necessary testing and development. The testing ensures that the tires are good for the conditions that they are tested in and that you they provide good control and stability when driving, that you have an excellent grip on wet and dry surfaces, and that you choose winter tires that will perform well in winter conditions. Winter tires have gone from only studded tires to now also excellent non-studded tires through thorough development. The non-studded tires perform almost as well as the non-studded tires in winter conditions.

The tire manufacturers that mainly rely on copying the more prominent companies’ products and will rarely conduct any extensive testing to see if the end-product is good. They rarely have access to test centers in the most challenging conditions. It is not worth risking purchasing tires with worse safety performance than the premium tires have, as tires are such critical safety products that provide the necessary driving safety for you and your family. You want to ensure that you select the tires that provide you with the best grip and control in the conditions you buy them for, as well as that they have an optimal safety record.

Testing tires in a wide range of different conditions is costly and time-consuming. It also involves using several different testing facilities so that they can perform both in summer and winter conditions, so they can provide tires that behave optimally throughout the year. This will, of course, depend on the tires that they test. Tires like all-weather tires must perform both in summer and winter conditions, while all-season tires will only be tested in warm conditions and not in winter conditions with snow and ice.

The rubber compounds are also optimized for softness for the full temperature range so that they will last longer. Also, wear resistance is important. They try to develop tires with low rolling resistance as this is correlated to tire wear and fuel efficiency. We all benefit from investments done by the big, leading manufacturers as they will continue to invest into constantly improving the tires so that we all can remain safe on the roads while we drive our vehicles.

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