Keep checking your tires during the winter

snow and winter tires

As snow and winter tires are critical during the winter season, it is essential to continuously check that they are in good condition. If you have studded tires, it is good to check that the studs are in good condition, that most of them are still where they should be. Also, check the tread depth to ensure that the depth is over 5/32 inches.  If the tire depth is lower than that, you will need to replace the tires. Driving with tires that have a tread depth of less than 5/32 inches isn’t safe. The tire’s ability to create grip will diminish, and the braking distance will be prolonged.

Check the tire pressure on a regularly basis to ensure that it is what it should be according to the owner’s manual. Remember that the tire pressure will decline with decreasing temperatures, so you need to top up the tire with air. Try to make a habit of checking the tire pressure when you fill-up the car with gasoline. All gas station has air pumps for filling up the tires. Tires with low tire pressure will cause the car to consume more gasoline, so you will spend more time in the gas station, which gives you more time to check the tire pressure. The trick is just that you check the pressure in all the tires, and since the pressure isn’t constant as it will vary, it is important to check it, especially before long trips.

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