What is CIAM?

Customer experience is paramount among businesses. And ensuring a superb customer experience has become a valuable goal for many. When consumers have an excellent buying journey or quick support resolution, it means that they are likely to purchase more, become loyal patrons, and promote the business to others.

Modern consumers have shifted their expectations in today’s digital world, challenging companies to meet their demands. This prompts organizations to bolster digital transformation to give clients what they want. Although many had already invested in the digitalization of operations, their efforts were expedited during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many businesses have invested in new mobile and digital initiatives for their services. They needed to ensure that they could offer an omnichannel experience for their clients that reduces friction and maximizes efficiency. Moreover, they also needed to ensure their security systems were enough to safeguard the customer’s account and the enterprise’s network.

With all the changes that transpired in recent years, customer experience is now the key differentiating factor when choosing a brand. It surpasses price and product quality. Because of this, more and more businesses increase their investment in effective Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solutions.

Through a reliable CIAM system, companies can capture and manage their customers’ identity and profile data securely. They can also control customer access and allow them to self-register, authenticate, and manage their user profiles. Since CIAM primarily deals with identity, businesses need effective solutions to ensure their CIAM system is efficient and secure.

Ideally, organizations should use mobile facial biometric solutions to streamline customer onboarding, login, and account access. Modern identity verification solutions can reduce friction across all touchpoints, eliminating the need for complex signup and tedious authentication procedures.

With the right technology, businesses can satisfy their customers’ demands for convenient and fast services while providing robust security on their platforms.

For more information, check this infographic provided by authID that expounds on Customer Identity and Access Management.