Finding the Perfect Water Heater for Your Bathroom

Having a water heater in your bathroom can transform your overall bathing experience. By providing you with hot water, the best bathroom heater will ensure you no longer have to emerge from the shower shivering from the cold.

If you plan to install a new bathroom heater, you might be overwhelmed by the many choices offered in the market. So, how do you determine the best water heater for your powder room? Keep reading to find out.


Instant vs. Tank

When looking up shower heaters online or in hardware stores, the most common variations you will encounter are instant and tank water heaters.

An instant water heater can supply continuous hot water on demand. These heaters only warm water when you turn the shower on, saving you from electric bills when you’re not using them for some time. Plus, they do not need ample space for installation since they do not have tanks.

Meanwhile, tank heaters are traditional water heaters that store and warm water in their large tanks. They might use more energy than their electric counterparts since they must keep the water hot even when unused. These heaters also need large spaces for their tanks.


Single vs. Multipoint

Do you need hot water in more than just one bathroom? Perhaps you have a large family requiring a steady supply simultaneously for various purposes?

A single-point heater is a good option if you only require a water heater in one bathroom. Single points provide only hot water to one room, which may be inefficient

Meanwhile, a multipoint water heater delivers hot water to areas such as a bathroom, kitchen, and other rooms. Multipoint heaters have a large capacity capable of sustaining multiple users simultaneously.


Heater Design

Besides the function, you should also determine the design you want for the heater. Water heaters come in various styles to suit the overall architecture of many bathrooms. Choose colors, shapes, and sizes that best fit your powder room’s style.


Water Heaters by Rheem Philippines

The performance of your new water heater will depend on the tips we provided above and the quality provided by the manufacturer. To ensure you get the best water heater for any application, visit Rheem Philippines today.