3 Tips for Optimizing Your Bedtime Routine

The key to an energized and refreshed morning is healthy sleep. However, several factors may affect our quality of sleep, leading to feelings of grogginess upon waking.

Even with modern sleep technology, unhealthy bedtime routines cause poor sleep quality. Many of us use our phones in bed or eat a full meal an hour prior to resting. It is important to understand that these habits are bad.

If you are having sleep problems, consider these three tips to optimize your bedtime routine:


  1. Turn Off Your Phone

These days, we use our phones everywhere we go. This includes before going to bed for the night.

While it can be enjoyable to scroll through our phones until we lull ourselves to sleep, excessive blue light can be harmful. Besides eye strain, the blue light from devices can throw off our circadian rhythm – otherwise known as the body’s natural clock – by disrupting melatonin.

With little melatonin, you won’t be able to sleep. Make it a habit to shut off all devices before bed and remove them from the room to avoid the urge to use them.


  1. Avoid Large Meals

After a long day, we may be inclined to have a large meal for dinner. Unfortunately, your brain works hard to operate your digestive system, so it may need extra time to process all the food you’ve eaten.

Since it is night and you’re about to tuck in for the day, you don’t need to eat a big meal. We recommend consuming less food at night so your brain and digestive system can settle down.


  1. Get a Better Mattress and Pillow

Sometimes, our sleep apparatus is the cause of poor sleep. Not all mattresses and pillows are designed to accommodate the needs of every individual, so it is advisable to research the types best suitable for you.

We recommend evaluating your weight, sleeping positions, and sleep habits. Certain mattresses – soft, medium, and firm – are for specific body types. Additionally, your pillow should provide enough support to your spine to prevent morning aches.


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