The different tyres needed for electric or hybrid vehicles

When you select tyres for your vehicle be it car or SUV, you will need to make sure that you get the best tyre option for your vehicle. When you have an electric car or hybrid you again have a specialty vehicle that will need to have special tyres. There are several tyres that are recommended for use on electric vehicles, but not all are recommended so check if they are before you purchase them. It is important that they are wear resistant and that they have low rolling resistance.

Electric cars and hybrids are heavier vehicles due to the battery packs and require tyres that can handle the heavier loads caused by the heavy battery packs and can handle the higher torque associated with electric motors. You also want to have low rolling resistance so that you can get further with every charge. This is of course important as it can be somewhat of a limitation for electric cars, since you can’t just stop quickly and charge them.

For all the different tyre options, summer tyres and winter tyres you will need to check that they are the optimal for your vehicle. You can also opt to go for all-season tyres that you can use all-year round. These allow you to use one set of tyres for the whole year and not have to worry about what weather there is. The tyres should be approved for winter use and have the snowflake symbol on the sidewall of the tyres. This allows them to have great grip and safety when driving or snowy and icy roads the same way as if you drive on dry or wet summer roads.

All-season tyres will have dual tread design, one that is optimized for summer roads and one that is optimized for winter roads, so that they can give you an overall high performance tyre. The rubber compound also has to be optimized for all-year round use to ensure that they stay soft and agile throughout the wide temperature range. The addition of silica will ensure that the tyres are durable and have low wear combined with low rolling resistance.

The heavier vehicles need to have better grip, especially during winter time, when they need to be able to stop and stay on the roads. You need to make sure that you have winter tyres that have good tread depth, which should be at least 4 mm. With heavier vehicles it is also important to monitor the tyre pressure to ensure that you don’t have low tyre pressure. Temperature also affects the tyre pressure, so if you have big changes in temperature you need to adjust the pressure. Low pressure will wear out the tyres prematurely and high pressure will wear down the important middle tread design and alter the driving properties. So make a habit on checking the pressure when you stop at the petrol station.

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