Pothole protection for your tires

To improve the durability to your tires, Nokian Tyres have now extended the aramid-reinforced sidewalls also to part of their passenger tires. Aramid-reinforcement has proven to be very valuable for their range of larger vehicles such as light trucks and SUVs. By now adding the aramid strong sidewalls to their new all-season tires, the Nokian Tyres One, they have been able to provide pothole protection for these tires. They trust so much in the durability that the aramid fibers give, so they will replace any tires that are damaged beyond repair due to potholes or rough roads.

Aramid reinforcement is the same reinforcement that is used in bulletproof vests, so it is a proven technology that will add a lot of extra durability to your tires. Not having to worry about tire failures can be very comforting, especially for people having to drive late at night and would feel scared of having to stop and try to fix any car related issues.

The addition of aramid reinforcement means that you will get very durable tires that are also built to last for long distance driving. The inherent low rolling resistance you have with these tires will ensure that you have both low tire wear and you will get good milage from your car. They also have great protection from hydroplaning and the tread has silent groove design to improve the driving comfort.

For more information regarding the new aramid-reinforced passenger car tires, Nokian Tyres One, visit: https://www.nokiantires.com/