Replacing tires-what you should consider

215/70R16 all-weather tires

When replacing your tires, you need to consider what kind of car tires you are looking to replace them with. Most cars leave the factory with either all-season tires or all-weather tires. If you live in an area where winter tires are needed, you should consider all-weather tires as they have met the required criteria in snow testing and hold the “Three Peak Mountain Snowflake” emblem the same held by winter tires. If this is not the case, however, if the area where you live has mild weather in the winter, then all-season tires would be an option.

Another thing to consider when buying tires is to follow the manufacturer’s recommended dimensions of tires to get the best handling of your car or SUV with the added benefit of enjoying the best gas mileage. Whether you are looking for all-season tires or all-weather tires and the recommended tire dimensions are 215/70R16, then you would need either 215/70R16 all-weather tires or 215/70R16 all-season tires. These dimensions are given in your car manual and most likely are the same dimension tires that are already on the car.

Most tires nowadays have many features to protect against hydroplaning and are usually made to have low rolling resistance. Low rolling resistance is important as it helps save on fuel cost as a low rolling resistance allows you to go further without having to fill up. Certain companies like Nokian Tyres also are using more environmentally friendly raw materials, making them more environmentally friendly.

The Nokian zLine all-season tires offer high-end performance while still allowing for an environmentally responsible driving experience. They are in addition also recommended for electric and hybrid cars. They are offering excellent grip and handling throughout the year to keep you and your family safe. Grip and traction are especially important with hybrid, and electric cars as the battery packs make them heavier than combustion engine cars leading to longer braking distance. The Nokian zLine A/S also offers an excellent wet grip, thereby helping to prevent hydroplaning. Keep in mind maintaining the proper tire pressure to and tread level, more than 4 millimeters (or 2/32 inches), to further help prevent hydroplaning. These tires also use the new “Dynamic traction boost tread compound” that further increases wet grip while having excellent wear resistance with the added silica compound adapting to changes in temperatures so you can stay safe in all seasons.

Make sure when changing your tires that you change all four tires at the same time, as this allows all four tires to wear down equally. However, with a front-wheel-drive vehicle, the front tires will wear down slightly faster than the rear tires. Another thing to consider when replacing tires is if you need tires with the “Three peak mountain snowflake” that are regarded as severe snow service rated, you could either put all-weather tires on your car or changing into winter tires in the winter.

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