Seven Common Business Insurance Types and Their Benefits

Risks are an inevitable part of the business. Unforeseen circumstances and human incursions can put your business in danger. Business owners who wish to succeed in their entrepreneurial careers must acknowledge these threats. Safeguarding the fruits of your labor through the years depends on how you will address these challenges.

If you are feeling worried as it should be, there is an option you could do. Call the nearest small business insurance, California. Business insurance is a need, not a want. It is a lifeline that you can trust at times of emergency. When accidents, disasters, or legal suits with the potential of impending your operations happen, it got you covered.

Whether it is for the restaurant insurance cost or other purposes, one must understand that many insurance coverages are available. Therefore, before attaining a service, you should know what business insurance kind best suits your needs.

To help you compare and contrast business insurance types, we listed down below the benefits that make them different from each other.

Property insurance

If the location or nature of your business is prone to fire and storm, availing of property insurance is a must. It also applies to those who seek to protect their owned or leased space against thieves. This insurance type provides financial reimbursement you could use to start again.

However, the insurance policies do not include the mass destruction brought by floods and earthquakes. Secure your claim by ensuring a separate policy from the insurer.

Worker’s compensation insurance

Aside from endangering your business’ reputation as a safe working environment, injuries and deaths of employees come with a high cost that can hurt you financially without insurance.

Getting worker’s comp gives an assurance when employees get injured or die while rendering their service.  It covers the medical treatment, disability, and death benefits of workers. Aside from that, even those with low-risk jobs and certain medical conditions and suffer slip-and-fall incidents will have the right to claim immediate support.

Business interruption insurance

Catastrophes or accidents are beyond our control, yet both cause interruptions that incur losses in businesses. Business interruption insurance fits well for manufacturers with physical locations as it compensates for the lost income due to unexpected occurrences that halted all of your operations.

Professional liability insurance

With general liability insurance not immune to business or professional negligence, malpractice, or misrepresentation claims, accountants, lawyers, physicians, and professionals in various industries need professional liability insurance by their side. It guarantees protection against those sets of concerns addressed with varying specifications.

Product liability insurance

Product manufacturers should purchase product liability insurance and tailor it depending on what goods they produce. Such a move is to counterclaims and costs of lawsuits filed because of faulty products, despite following strict measures to ensure its safety.

Commercial auto insurance

When your company vehicle gets involved in road accidents, your business becomes liable for the damages. Shouldering the cost of the repairs and replacements needed is only the beginning as you are also bound to pay the fees and legal charges.

With commercial auto insurance, you save your wallet from going empty and avoid getting sued. It compensates for restoring or purchasing a car or truck and makes you immune against possible court trials.

General liability insurance

As its name implies, general liability insurance provides defense and compensation for the alleged damages incurred by your product, service, or employee to a third party. Thus, businesses must take this insurance as the first line of security against potential legal actions.

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