What to consider before changing to winter tyres

When you soon need to change from summer tyres to winter tyres, there are a few things that are good to consider.

Who will change the tyres?

Do you already have a tyre service station in mind to do the change? Or do you plan to change the tyres yourself? It is often advisable to let experts change it for you, especially if you don’t have the proper equipment.

Where are your tyres now?

If your tyres are stored at the tyre shop, it is easy, as they are already at the tyre service station, and a change will be easy. If they are stored in your home, you will need to check that they look ok and load them in the car. If they are at the tyre shop, they were checked before being stored and will be in good condition.

What condition are your summer tyres in?

Are the tyres that you will change to are they in good condition? Do you even have summer tyres, or do you need to buy a set? If you have a set, check the tyre pressure before mounting, check the tread depth, and the tyre pressure. Tyre pressure is important if you are doing it yourself, as you don’t want to drive to the petrol station with empty tyres after the change.

Are the tyres properly marked?

Do you already know from markings on the tyres which tyres should be mounted where? Upon removal, it is important to mark the tyres with the current position to rotate the tyres between each tyre change.

With this, you should be in good condition for a tyre change.

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