Get environmental tires for your electric car


If you buy an electric car or a hybrid, you might do it due to environmental reasons where you want to reduce the need for fossil fuels. You want to reduce the use of non-renewable energy and use electricity from renewable sources. Electric cars tend to be heavier than gasoline powered cars, due to heavy battery packs needed to supply the car with enough electricity for it to get longer distances on each charge. One of the drawbacks with electric cars is that the charge takes longer time than fueling up a car, which limits the daily distance you can get. This is why you want to get low rolling resistance tires, so that you get further on every charge and also limit the tire wear.

Due to the higher weight and also the higher torque delivered by the electric motor versus a combustion engine, the wear of the tires is higher and requires a higher degree of tire rotation than for a normal car. Make sure that the tires that you purchase are environmentally produced, where no toxic chemicals have been used in the process and that only purified low-aromatic oils are used. This applies both for your all-season tires as well as for your winter tires.

Proper inflation pressure also reduces the rolling resistance and in the same manner reduces the energy consumption and tire waste. This is a quick fix by just adding some air into the tires. Make sure that returning them to the tire shop where you purchased them, so they can properly recycle your used tires. They will have an established process for this.

All efforts that can be taken to reduce CO2 emissions and using environmentally friendly products is a step in the right direction. It is however important to make sure that all the steps are working towards a greener future.

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